May 1 Fund Updates for Ameritas Advisor No-Load VA and Advisor II VUL

At the start of business on April 29, 2022, the following change took effect:
  • This investment option was renamed:
Previous Portfolio Name New Portfolio Name
Invesco V.I. International Growth Fund, Series I Invesco V.I. EQV International Equity Fund, Series I
  • These investment option changed categories:
Previous Portfolio Name Previous Morningstar Category New Morningstar Category
DFA VA Equity Allocation Portfolio World Large Stock Large Blend
DWS Small Mid Cap Value VIP Portfolio, Class A Mid-Cap Value Small Value
Rydex Inverse Government Long Bond Strategy Fund Bear Market Trading-Inverse Debt1
Rydex Inverse NASDAQ-100® Strategy Fund Bear Market Trading-Inverse Equity1
Rydex Inverse S&P 500 Strategy Fund Bear Market Trading-Inverse Equity1
 Templeton Global Bond VIP Fund, Class 2 Nontraditional Bond World Bond
Third Avenue Value Portfolio World Large Stock World Small/Mid Stock1
Vanguard® Total Bond Market Index Portfolio Intermediate Core Bond Intermediate Core-Plus Bond

1New Morningstar Category

For a complete list of the available investment options, refer to the updated investment options brochure.


Private Letter Ruling Issued to Ameritas for Commission-Free Variable Annuities

In a Private Letter Ruling issued to Ameritas in 2021, the IRS ruled that certain advisory fees that the Company deducts from a non-qualified Policy and pays to an Investment Advisor (“Qualifying Withdrawals”) will not be treated as received by the Policy Owner and will not be reported as taxable income. Note that any fee amounts withdrawn that exceed an annual rate of 1.5% of the Policy Value during a calendar year will be reportable and taxable in the calendar year withdrawn. For additional details, refer to the respective variable annuity product prospectus to view the supplement.

To learn more about Ameritas’ commission-free life insurance and annuity strategies designed for the clients of RIAs, contact Advisor Solutions at 800-255-9678, option 3 or