Variable Annuity

Help your clients achieve more for less with a no-load variable annuity.

A low expense, cost-effective annuity solution.
Provide flexibility and control for your clients’ assets with a commission-free, fee-based annuity product that offers 100% liquidity.

More wealth to manage.
The Ameritas Advisor No-Load Variable Annuity has low expenses and low fees, which means more of your clients’ wealth goes to work from the beginning with respected financial managers like Vanguard and Dimensional Funds. Our variable annuities offer 100% liquidity from day one, meaning more flexibility for clients.

Defer taxes. Foster potential.
As a tax-deferred investment, your client’s no-load variable annuity has the potential to grow more than a taxable investment. Plus, your client can make unlimited contributions in order to maximize their potential returns while they’re still working.

More comprehensive financial options.
Put the Ameritas Advisor Solutions team in your corner with these benefits:

  • Expertise and financial strength on your side. We give you all the tools you need to implement these products and provide a broader range of services to your clients. And we provide more for you too, backed by Ameritas’ tradition of financial stability.
  • Support on your terms. Choose from a range of service levels from back-end support to more comprehensive, turnkey service – so you’re always in control of the client relationship. We can run illustrations, coordinate moving your variable annuity and variable life clients to your fee-only platform and more. Just say the word.
  • Expand your services. Give your clients more options for retirement and legacy planning. Variable annuities can be used to meet a variety of financial needs, including retirement, business and college.