Annuity Product Details

Manage your clients’ assets with a diverse choice of funds and tax-free transfers.

Growth and diversity can be powerful elements in the building of a portfolio. You can give your clients the flexibility they want with investments designed to provide the potential for tax-deferred growth.

Give your clients tax-deferred growth with one of the lowest current insurance expenses in the industry. Plus more than 70 investment options, including funds from Vanguard, DFA and American funds, and a Fixed Account guaranteed by Ameritas.

Read the prospectus for detailed information about product risks and expenses before investing or sending money.

Issue Age 0-85, Joint Annuitants/Joint Owners available
Minimum Premium

Initial: $2,000

Additional: $250

Automatic Bank Withdrawal: $50

Maximum Premium $1 million (higher amounts may require Service Center approval)
Policy Charges

Sales Load: 0%

Withdrawal Charge: 0%

M&E Charge: 0.45% annually (0.80% maximum) 0% from the Fixed Account

Annual Policy Fee: $40 (guaranteed not to increase), fee waived if policy value on anniversary is $50,000 or greater

Guaranteed Death Benefit If the owner dies prior to annuitization, the designated beneficiary is paid the greater of policy value or premiums paid, less a proportional reduction for withdrawals. Guarantees based on the claims-paying ability of the insurer.
Transfers among Investment Options No limit on number of transfers. (Contractually: a $10 fee for each transfer may apply after 15 transfers in a policy year, and there may be restrictions on excessive trading.) Minimum transfer $250. Must maintain investment option balance of $100 in Fixed Account or $250 in subaccounts.
Optional Programs Systematic Withdrawals, Portfolio Rebalancing, Earnings Sweep, Dollar Cost Averaging Systematic programs can help maintain investment diversification, but are not guaranteed to achieve performance results. For more information, click on the link to the right.
Fixed Account Transfers A transfer from the Fixed Account (except pursuant to a systematic transfer program) may be made only once each policy year are limited to the greater of (1) 25% of the Fixed Account value, (2) the greatest amount of any similar transfer in the last 13 month period or (3) $1,000. Transfers into the Fixed Account are limited to 10% of the policy value in a year.
Fixed Account Interest Rate Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. guarantees the fixed account rate for 12 months following each policy anniversary. The minimum rate is tied to an index rate and is determined at the issue date. There is no guarantee in any other of the subaccounts, which include risk of loss, including principal.
Loans Not available.
Partial Withdrawals
  • Minimum: $250
  • $1,000 must remain in account
  • Withdrawal is irrevocable
  • No company withdrawal charges (any gains are taxed as ordinary income and withdrawals prior to age 59 1/2 may be subject to additional penalties).
Annuitization Options Interest payment, designated amount, designated period, lifetime income, joint and last survivor lifetime income, lump sum.
Annuitization Date Annuitant's age 85 or five years after the issue date, whichever is later. Can be deferred to annuitant's age 120.
Markets Non qualified, IRA, SEP, SIMPLE, Roth, 401(a) and 401(k)
State Approvals Available in all states except NY