Variable Universal Life

Manage wealth and help protect families with no-load life insurance.

With an Ameritas Advisor II VUL insurance policy, your clients benefit from the vital security of life insurance combined with the potential of long-term investing. On top of that, low fees and 100% liquidity lead to more flexibility and control.

Help fulfill potential beyond traditional investments.

Variable universal life insurance gives you the flexibility to grow your clients’ assets while you protect them. With each premium payment, a portion is invested, tax-deferred, with one of the well-known firms from which you can choose, including Vanguard, DFA and American Funds. Plus, there are no age restrictions or spending limitations on the policy’s assets.

Be a central part of helping your clients prepare for:

  • Retirement income
  • College tuition
  • Business needs, including buy-sell agreements, key person insurance and more

Protection and support when it’s needed most.

Build a legacy of respected wealth management for your clients. Through an Ameritas Advisor II VUL policy, you can help your clients’ loved ones, business associates or other beneficiaries receive the money they need, when they need it.

Combine your wealth management expertise with our low fee products.

Whether you’ve recently transitioned to a fee-only practice or you’ve been an independent RIA for years, all of our no-load products were created specifically to support you and the clients you serve. We do more than provide competitive pricing and features – we offer our expertise and personalized service whenever you need it. Our goal is to help you serve your clients your way.

With Ameritas, you can expect to:

  • Select from a broad range of respected financial managers, including Vanguard, DFA and American Funds
  • Receive professional and attentive service and support
  • Offer products that are free of sales loads and surrender charges
  • Automatically receive a copy of every client statement
  • Invest your client’s assets on a tax-deferred basis
  • Create the potential for tax-free access to policy values