Variable Universal Life Product Details

Protect and fulfill life with Ameritas Advisor II VUL

Variable universal life insurance is a long-term investment for clients who are looking for death benefit protection along with the diversity and flexibility of the various subaccounts, and can also accept the volatility and risk.

Give your clients a life insurance policy with low fees and a variety of investment choices. It's a flexible financial tool with three powerful advantages: lifetime insurance protection, top-quality investment options and the potential for tax-advantaged growth.

Read the prospectus for detailed information about product risks and expenses before investing any money. See our riders for information about additional benefits that can supplement the coverage for the primary insured.

Issue Ages

18-75 Preferred Plus Nontobacco

18-80 Preferred Nontobacco, Select Nontobacco, Preferred Tobacco, Standard Tobacco

0-80 Standard Nontobacco No maturity age.

Specified Amount Banding Limits

Band 1: $100,000 to $249,999

Band 2: $250,000 to $999,999

Band 3: $1,000,000 +
Policy Charges

Surrender Charge: 0%

M&E Charge: the current charge is 0.70% annually years 1-15 and 0.10% years 16+ (the maximum charge is 0.90% in years 1-15 and 0.30% in years 16+). The charge from the Fixed Account is 0%

Administrative Charge: $15/month for Band 1, $12.50/month Bands 2 & 3 (maximum for all bands is $25/month)

Cost of Insurance Charge: Deducted monthly and varies by age, gender, rate class and specified amount

Premium Charge: 2.0% (maximum 5%)

Monthly Specified Amount Charge: The per $1,000 rate (which can be zero) varies by issue age, policy year, gender, rate class and band, and the maximum charge is higher than the current charge. An increase in the specified amount may add to the Monthly Specified Amount Charge. Policyowner can choose investment options from which monthly policy charges are taken.

Death Benefit Options

Option A: Level (specified amount)

Option B: Increasing (specified amount plus account value)

Option C: Return of premium (specified amount plus premiums paid minus any partial withdrawals)

Riders & Endorsements

Accelerated Benefit for Terminal Illness, Children’s Insurance Rider, Paid-up Insurance Benefit, Waiver of Monthly Deduction

Read more about riders

Cost varies based on insured’s age, underwriting class, the size of the policy, and other factors. Riders may have limitations and restrictions. Not all riders are available in all states.

Transfers among Investment Options No limit on number of transfers. (Contractually: a $10 fee for each transfer may apply after 15 transfers in a policy year, and there may be restrictions on excessive trading.) Minimum transfer $250.
Optional Systematic Investment Strategies

Portfolio Rebalancing, Earnings Sweep, and Dollar Cost Averaging

Systematic programs can help maintain investment diversification but do not guarantee a profit and do not protect against loss.

Fixed Account Transfers A transfer out of the Fixed Account may be made only once per policy year and is limited to the greater of (1) 25% of the Fixed Account value, (2) the greatest amount of any similar transfer in the last 13-month period or (3) $1,000.

Charge is 4.0% current and guaranteed, earning 3.0%, net 1.0%

Loans reduce death benefit and cash value and may cause policy to lapse.

Preferred Loans Available after 5 years on earnings at net 0% (maximum net 0.5%)
Partial Withdrawals

Minimum: $100.

Maximum: net cash surrender value minus the next three monthly deductions for insurance charges.

Withdrawal Charge: current $0 (maximum $50).

Withdrawals reduce death benefit and cash value and may cause policy to lapse

State Approvals Approved in all states. This product is not filed or available in NY.