Variable Universal Life Riders & Endorsements

Automatic Riders and Endorsements

The following will automatically be included in the policy for no additional charge if the rider is approved in your client’s state.

Accelerated Benefit Rider for Terminal Illness (form AABR01)

This no cost rider allows a portion of the policy’s death benefit to be paid to the insured as a living benefit if the insured is diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Paid-up Insurance Benefit Endorsement (form End-PUL)

This endorsement protects the policy from lapsing under specific conditions when there is a large policy debt. It gives the owner the option to convert the policy to paid-up insurance under very specific circumstances. If all conditions are met and the owner elects the option, a one-time deduction of 3.5% of the gross account value is charged.

Optional Riders

Additional protection is available with the following riders for an added charge.

Children’s Insurance Rider (form ACIR01)

For $12 per month, your clients can provide $25,000 of term insurance coverage for their children who are younger than age 18 when the rider is issued. At age 25, their children can convert to a permanent policy for up to 5 times the rider amount without providing medical information. The primary insured on the base policy must be between the attained ages of 18 and 55 when the rider is issued. This rider can be added after issue.

Waiver of Monthly Deduction Rider (form AWMD01)

If the insured becomes totally disabled (as defined by the rider), the monthly deduction due under the policy and all other riders will be waived. This rider is only available for issue ages 0-55. The cost of this rider varies based on the insured’s age, rate class, the size of the policy and other factors.

Cost varies based on insured’s age, underwriting class, the size of the policy, and other factors. Riders may have limitations and restrictions. Not all riders are available in all states.